Flamco T-plus

A unique product for incorporating branches in existing installations (e.g. hospitals, industrial installations) without the slightest problem.

The design of the Flamco T-plus is unique and responds precisely to the requirements of installers and their customers. And it has a number of ground-breaking and innovative features. The combination of a plunger, striking pin and a trigger sets the new standard in the creation of branches for systems in operation.

Main advantages
Saves installation time and costs.
Create branches while the system is still in operation.
Draining is not necessary, so no air and dirt can get into the system.
A perfect branch every time due to the trigger.
Easy to create a branch, even where space is restricted.
Optimum pipe seal.
Anti-corrosion coating.
Simple preparatory installation with click-in nuts (on models from 1½").

There are two types of T-plus available: a cast-iron version for thick-walled steel pipes and a brass version for copper pipes, thin-walled steel tubes, central heating pipes and stainless-steel pipes.