History - An international business right from the start

At first, Flamco focused on the development of wall brackets and pipe hangers but, at the end of the 1950s and the start of the 1960s, a real revolution broke out in the world of central heating. Thanks to the expansion vessel, developed by Flamco itself, sealed central-heating systems and all the benefits that come with them became a reality and conquered the European market. And it didn't stop there: Flamco kept innovating and inventing new accessories for central-heating systems. We developed a network and contacts within the industry, soon becoming world-renowned for products of the highest quality and excellent service. 

1956  -   The establishment of Flamco N.V. and the production of the first Flamco wall brackets and pipe hangers.
1959  -   Flamco is the importer of expansion vessels in the Benelux and the sealed central-heating system is developed.
1960  -   The Excon comes onto the market; the first expansion vessel produced under the Flamco name.
                  The name was later replaced by Flexcon.
1963  -   Flamco N.V. is taken over by Internatio (Muller) N.V.
1983  -   The 10 millionth expansion vessel is produced.
1986  -   Polynorm buys the Flamco Group.
2002 -   voestalpine AG takes over Flamco.
2004  -   Production site in China opened.
2009  -   Flamco has grown into a world leader in its industry and is now active in 67 countries.
2011  -   Flamco head office moving from Gouda to Bunschoten.
2012 -  Official opening of new production halls in Bunschoten.