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Innovation with a focus on sustainability At Flamco we have been constantly trying to think of ways to make our products more efficient, user- friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable for more than fifty years. The fact we succeed at this is proved each and every day by our products in real-life situations.




T-plus: Branching can be so much smarter

Unfortunately, extending, converting or renovating existing systems often entails a degree of inconvenience. Normally, the system has to be shut down in order to branch off an existing line. This is done to be able to drain the system or to freeze the water in the lines. Of course, you can’t just drill into lines that are under pressure with water flowing through them. But shutting down the production process is time-consuming, expensive and therefore extremely undesirable.

Branching while everything continues working
Flamco offers a solution with the innovative T-plus. Specially designed to make perfect branches quickly and easily while the system is in operation. The T-plus saves installation time and costs as well as having a positive effect on the service life of a system. Simply because the system does not have to be drained and refilled, nor does the water have to be frozen.
That prevents additional air and dirt from entering the system and causing problems.
Another advantage is the certainty of a good branch, thanks to the smart teeing mechanism (the trigger). Even where there’s a lack of space. Moreover, the packing ensures an optimal seal, eliminating the chance of leaks.

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Vacumat Eco - Quick, quiet and extremely economical deaeration.

The quality of the water determines the performance of cooling and heating systems. A system with oxygen-rich water works less efficiently. Oxygen penetrates systems in various ways, resulting in corrosion and the formation of sludge. In turn, this produces resistance losses, additional wear and tear, unnecessary faults, disruption to the systems, reduced pump performance and irritating noises. Consequences: a lack of comfort, unnecessary loss of energy and a shorter service life of the system. It is therefore important to deaerate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Vacumat Eco
This pressure-temperature controlled degasser degasses extremely accurately and effectively. The Vacumat Eco degasses at least seven times faster through the much greater and fully continuous degassing capacity. Removing gases more quickly limits as much damage to the system as possible, avoids unnecessary faults and expensive repairs, and extends the life of the system. The Vacumat Eco is also eight times more energy efficient than the deaeration systems currently available on the market.

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Vacumat Eco


More compact, lighter, cleaner and even more efficient

Air and dirt in a system cause problems such as unnecessary faults and extra wear or noise, but also lead to disruption of the system, lower heat transfer and reduced pump performance. The consequence: higher energy consumption and an unreliable system.

The new Flamcovent Smart, Flamco Clean
Smart and the Flamcovent Clean Smart air and
dirt separators remove even the tiniest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. The Smart series performs at least 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators, while the flow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.


Universal PV panel mounting system

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important, but the installation of solar panels is difficult, time-consuming and stressful for roofs.

Flamco has therefore developed an ingenious lightweight mounting system for flat roofs. The system consists of just three components: a mounting block, a rail so that you can easily attach rows of blocks, and a clip to fix the PV panels in place. An engineer can install this system at the flick of a wrist, without a single tool. Due consideration was also given to the logistical process during development. Indeed, the shape and the materials used have been coordinated to each other so that the product fits on a single pallet.

Building Information Modelling

Flamco makes products BIM compatible

Flamco sees integrated BIM projects as the ultimate solution to the optimisation of costs, processes and project management. With intensive collaboration with software suppliers and engineers, we have been able to immerse ourselves in this subject and we can offer the backing of a manufacturer.

Virtual building is an impossibility without virtual components. Hence Flamco makes 3D models of its products available which can be used in BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects.