Innovation - For the world of tomorrow

Innovation with the focus on sustainability. At Flamco we are constantly trying to think of ways to make our products more user-friendly, energy-efficient and more sustainable, and we have been doing this for more than fifty years. The evidence of our success in that regard can be seen in our inventions.




More compact, lighter, cleaner and more efficient

Air and dirt in a system cause problems such as unnecessary faults and extra wear or noise, but
also lead to disruption of the system, lower heat transfer and reduced pump performance.
Consequence: higher energy consumption and an unreliable system. Something that nobody wants.

The new Flamcovent Smart, Flamco Clean Smart and
Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separators remove even the smallest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. Flamco Smart performs 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators, while the fl ow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.



Universal PV panel mounting system 

Universal PV panel mounting system

Solar energy is one of the most important forms of renewable energy. Its use is growing rapidly. However, installing solar panels is often difficult, timeconsuming and puts a burden on roofs.

Flamco has therefore an ingenious lightweight mounting system for flat roofs developed. This system consists of just three parts: a mounting block, a rail for conveniently connecting rows of blocks, and a clip for securing the PV panels firmly in place. An installer can install this system at the flick of a wrist, without a single tool. Also the logistics process is considered in the development.The design and application materials are in fact so aligned that the product fits on a single pallet.


Building Information Modelling

Flamco makes products BIM compatible

Flamco sees integrated BIM projects as the ultimate solution to the optimization of costs, processes and project management. With intensive collaboration with software suppliers and engineers, we have been able to immerse ourselves in this subject and we can offer the backing of a manufacturer.

Virtual building is an impossibility without virtual components. Hence Flamco makes 3D models of its products available which can be used in BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects.

You will find the 3D symbols in the catalogue for the products in question or accompanying the downloads.