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All Flexcon Top and Flexcon Solar vessels with butyl

1 May 2017, 16:15

From now on, not only the 2 to 80 litre Flexcon Top and Flexcon Solar expansion vessels, but also the 100 to 1000 litre models will feature a butyl membrane. A huge benefit of the butyl membrane is the minimal permeability. This means the pre-charge is retained for longer making it suitable for higher temperatures.

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Flexcon PA - the personal assistant for central heating systems

12 March 2017, 16:08

The Flexcon PA benefits both you, the service company, and your customers. Connected to an app on a smartphone or tablet, It literally operates as a Personal Assistant for heating systems. Conveniently, both you and your customers can have access to its display. You can provide remote assistance for your customers without having to travel to their locations just to refill the system with water.

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Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Flamcomat G3

11 March 2017, 16:15

The Flamcomat G3 is a modern, pump-driven pressurisation unit up to and including M80 and D80. Thanks to its sophisticated construction we have made it possible to incorporate important functions into one compact unit.

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Vacumat Basic - A new degassing and top-up automat

11 March 2017, 13:38

The Vacumat Basic is a vacuum degasser for sealed heating and chilled water (cooling) installations. Just like the Vacumat Eco the Vacumat Basic uses vacuum degassing technology for highly efficient degassing of systems. Moreover, the Vacumat Basic ensures automatic topping-up of the system after the top-up water has been degassed.

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Mounting materials at the ISH

8 March 2017, 11:46

At the ISH, Flamco will be showing its extensive range of clips, rails and accessories. New items as well as existing mounting material will be exhibited and will provide a complete picture of the many applications and solutions that Flamco offers.

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