Flamco donates 61 million litres of drinking water to developing countries

26 October 2016, 11:18

Flamco has presented Made Blue with a cheque for 61,223,200 litres of drinking water.

This is the result of the Airfix campaign ‘A litre for a litre', with which Flamco supports the humanitarian organisation Made Blue. For each Airfix expansion vessel that Flamco sold in the period from March to September 2016, 1,200 litres of clean drinking water will now be made available in areas where it is in short supply. The figure is precisely the number of litres that a household saves on lost water each year by installing an Airfix expansion vessel.

“Flamco is proud to provide water that is so urgently needed in other parts of the world,” says Maarten van de Veen. “It’s important to prevent the wastage of drinking water, to provide clean drinking water and in doing so to support people in developing countries.”

Flamco Managing Director Maarten van de Veen presents the cheque to Frank van der Tang, founding partner of Made Blue.

“We want to make sure that everyone has access to clean water,” says Frank van der Tang from Made Blue. “We will shortly be investing this donation from Flamco in various water projects around the world.”

Stop the unnecessary waste of drinking water and install an Airfix expansion vessel today.
Visit Flamco to see what this could mean for you and discover how you can support Made Blue.