Flamco highly values its quality

14 July 2017, 11:47

Flamco highly values its quality. Products are designed to last as long as possible. In the Netherlands one of Flamco’s expansion vessels, the Flexcon, was recently replaced after 53 years of faithful service. This vessel was installed in 1964 and has delivered an outstanding performance.

The expansion vessel was situated in the basement of an old mansion while the boiler was installed in the attic. The vessel still was in excellent condition; however, the installer’s decision was to replace the vessel simultaneously with the outdated boiler. The original Flexcon vessel had been used to replace an open system, which was a huge improvement back in 1964.

The Dutch installer, that replaced the Flexcon expansion vessel, commented that if the boiler hadn’t been replaced, the vessel would have lasted for even longer than it already did. “We always replace all the basic appendages of the system when we replace the boiler – that is why we also replaced the expansion vessel. But it was still working well.” said the Dutch installer.