Flexcon PA: the personal assistant for central heating systems

Efficiency in providing comfort

Professional heating system service companies focus on two things: satisfied customers and efficient operations. First of all, you want to help as many
people as possible. The more customers that you can provide with warmth and comfort, the better.

With the Flexcon PA, you also have a tool that strongly increases your efficiency as a technical service organisation. The Flexcon PA is a smart sensor in combination with an app that notifies your customers in good time whenever the central heating system must be automatically or manually refilled with water, or requires maintenance.

This warning function reduces the number of unplanned “refill” service calls, costing the company many hours and expenses without sufficient corresponding revenue. In brief, the Flexcon PA enables you to better manage your existing maintenance contracts and create space
to serve more new and existing customers.

Personal Assistent

The Flexcon PA benefits both you, the service company, and your customers. Connected to an app on a smartphone or tablet, It literally operates as a Personal Assistant for heating systems. Conveniently, both you and your customers can have
access to its display. You can provide remote assistance for your customers without having to travel to their locations just to refill the system with water.

As a service company, you have access to a special menu with detailed information allowing you to see the system’s settings. Any required replacement of parts can simply occur during regular maintenance. The result: satisfied existing customers and more time for new customers.

Benefits of the Flexcon PA

  • Optimum comfort for the customer
  • Direct reporting
  • Warning of preventive maintenance for the expansion vessel
  • Increased efficiency
  • More time for new customers


How the Flexcon PA works

As a service company, you will be involved in the Flexcon PA purchase, installation, reading of the app and, of course, maintenance. On installation, you will set the Flexcon PA by registering what the minimum system pressure
is. If something goes wrong with system pressure because, for example, the expansion vessel depressurises, the Flexcon PA will display a message. Installation can occur in three ways:

Flexcon PA with app. The service technician connects the device to the central heating unit. When necessary,
the customer refills the system by connecting a hose to the central heating system.

Flexcon PA with app and permanent connection to water pipe. The service technician installs the device along with an extra water hose, ball valve and backflow
protection. To refill, the customer only has to open the valve.

Flexcon PA AutoFill with app. The technician installs a fully-automatic unit. Refilling occurs automatically. AutoFill receives a signal whenever the Flexcon PA deems it necessary to refill the system. The customer does not have to do anything.