Mounting HVAC installations in seismic areas

1 June 2017, 16:15

Buildings in areas with seismic activity require specific designs to guarantee safety. Additional strength is also needed for mounted piping and HVAC installations. This is where Flamco comes in.

Flamco’s Technical Support & Service (TSS) is specialised in making exact calculations for the installation of piping and mounting material for HVAC systems in areas with seismic activity. Based on these calculations TSS can provide detailed advice on the selection and installation of mounting materials.  

Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance 
Flamco follows Eurocode 8 when making their calculations. This is the Eurocode of European standards related to construction. It describes how to design structures in seismic zones. Each country has a National Annex containing nationally determined parameters for certain sub-clauses where national input is allowed.

The calculations of TSS have already been put to use in advising the City of Groningen on how to securely mount the HVAC installations in the city centre’s new iconic building.

Should you require advice on designing an earthquake resistant HVAC installation please do not hesitate to contact Flamco TSS. 

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