New Flamco float vent for sustainable central heating use

10 Januari 2017, 07:33

A significant reduction in energy consumption, and for a longer period of time. All of this is possible with Flamco’s latest float vent: the Flexvent Pro. Applying the latest sustainable technology and a clever design ensures that Flexvent Pro systems perform optimally.

The Flexvent Pro has been designed to ensure that dirt and water stay at a safe distance from the valve. The Flexvent Pro is especially suitable for medium-sized HVAC installations.

Main advantages are:

  • Air vent for HVAC installations.
  • Better performance thanks to sustainable technology.
  • Vent valve free of water and dirt.
  • Integrated design.
  • Smart filter breaks down air bubbles.

Cone shape

Just like earlier models, the Flexvent Pro is cone shaped. That shape keeps the water the furthest away from the vent valve. There is a filter inside the housing that breaks large air bubbles down into small ones. They can then find their way out of the system more easily. The filter also traps dirt.

Safe housing

The housing is also well thought out. The valve through which the air escapes to the outside is an integral part of the hood. Using an adjustment screw, the vent duct can be opened or closed to adjust the system’s venting capacity..

Smart filter

The Flexvent Pro is also fitted with a smart filter that protects the vent valve and the float mechanism from dirt particles in the system. In addition, the filter also ensures that large air bubbles are split into many small ones, making it easier for the bubbles to find their way upwards towards the vent valve. So systems last longer and don’t make as much noise, and efficiency is optimised in the process.

Sustainable design

With this air vent, Flamco is once again demonstrating that it takes its sustainability ambitions seriously. By applying modern technologies, devices with this kind of air vent last longer and use as little energy as possible. They also produce less noise.