Sizing tool for expansion systems

Calculation Method

Calculation method  

System volume

Installation Type  
Total capacity [kW]  
Total volume [L]  

Expansion volume

Flow temperature [°C]  
Return temperature [°C]  
Fluid type  
Mix percentage [%]  

Installation pressures

Static height [m]  

Final pressure

Safety-valve set pressure [bar]  

Limitations for vessel size

Ceiling height [mm]  
Entrance width [mm]  

Note: ©2015 Flamco B.V. This application sizes and selects the corresponding Flexcon expansion vessels or expansion automats for use in heating systems based on parametres provided by the user. The results presented in this application are solely indicative in nature and are entirely dependent on the correctness and completeness of the data supplied by the user. We believe this application to be reliable, but it may be changed and/or withdrawn without notice at any time. Flamco can not be held responsible for the completeness and correctness of the results presented by this application, and are presented by Flamco without any (implicit) guarantee relating to its correctness, completeness and/or suitability. By using this application, the user implicitly waives the right to hold Flamco liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damage relating to the use of the application, unless the damage in question is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Flamco. The user of this application may not derive any rights from the presented results. In the event of any doubt arising from the presented results, please contact our Technical Support: +31 332991850