Corporate Social Responsibility and Core Values - Flamco as an attractive employer

Commitment to people, society and the environment is second nature to Flamco. We want to make a contribution to sustainable developments not only in our products but also in the way we do business. Quality, Service and Advice are the values we express to our customers, as well as characteristics of our own internal organisation.

Continuously, we seek a balance between the results of our enterprise and our efforts for the environment and society: People, Planet & Profit.


Our aim is to offer added value to people outside and within our organisation.

Commitment to our employees

What makes Flamco an attractive employer? Employees develop in tandem with the progress in the organisation, because we are committed to them from the very start:

Flamco Academy

Central introduction – All new employees, in whichever country they work, are invited to a central introduction. Our CEO wants to get personally acquainted with new colleagues.

Product training – All new employees undergo basic product training. We think it is important that everybody who works in Flamco knows which products we manufacture and sell.

Advanced product training – All sales employees around the world get the same advanced product training. This gives them the opportunity to develop additional knowledge and knowhow about our products and their areas of application. The result is that our clients receive excellent advice.  

Talent management and development – Flamco stimulates talent development. Horizontal and vertical broadening of functions is important in this, which guarantees good managers and specialists also in the future.

Individual and central training programmes – This depends on wishes and needs. This topic is standardly raised in the annual performance assesments.

Employee satisfaction

We periodically survey the satisfaction of our employees. Based on the feedback, we define follow-up activities in order to achieve an even higher level of satisfaction.

Core values

Loyalty– We want to achieve success by making every effort as a team to reach joint objectives. This means setting targets for improving individual and team performance.

Service – Identifying problems and opportunities in order to offer appropriate advice. The result is our own growth and assisting others to grow. Thinking in terms of solutions, with our client always in the centre of attention.

Knowledge – Making progress through developments and not standing still applies to our production methods, and certainly also to the knowledge level of our employees. This way we remain pro-active and we continue to devote our energy to quality.

Resilient – Quick to adapt when this is necessary and working under the motto ‘lessons learnt’.

Reliable – Acting in accordance with agreements, both internally and externally, and delivering quality – that is how the market perceives us and our products. 

Confident – Our employees are aware that each employee is an important link in the entire process regardless of his or her function.

Commitment to society

Our commitment to society is expressed in various ways and at different moments:
  • Pleasure and passion. Room for personal input and ideas, no straightjacket, short communication lines, and an open and informal culture. Each country and every culture knows best where its own strength lies. Wherever we can, we decentralise. This connects us closely to the local environment.
  • We always welcome interns and students from various institutes.
  • Long-term deployment is a social issue that has become increasingly more important due to the ageing of the population. 
  • A healthy balance between work and private life by offering a flexible system of working hours and appropriate labour conditions.



The daily operational management takes the environment and other environmental aspects into account. Practical examples of this are the use of sustainable energy and the separation of waste collection. If possible, we use products that are not harmful (or less harmful) to the environment. We comply with legal rules and regulations. And in addition to the ISO 9001 certificate we also have the ISO 14001 certificate. Flamco employs a Quality, Safety, Health, Environment (QSHE) manager who ensures that these topics are always on the agenda. Read also the Flamco Limited Environmental Policy.


The code of conduct defines our work principles and how we conduct our business. It constitutes a solid foundation for ethically, judicially and socially based actions. 
Read also the Flamco Social Responsibility Policy.


A good financial result lets us achieve our objectives and offers our employees a solid and secure base. This requires taking a long-term view so that we continue to be a healthy company. This is expressed in aspects such as:

  • A 5-year strategy cycle, which forms an integral part of our operations
  • Continuous improvement programmes, including working with and implementing World Class Manufacturing techniques. This stimulates our employees and leads to improving our processes.
  • Any risk areas are clearly mapped (risk management) and actions are taken to guarantee continuity.