Privacy statement

This website is published by Flamco BV (hereinafter Flamco)

If you visit this website, Flamco might collect your personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address) either directly by asking you for this information or indirectly. Flamco will only use this personal information in accordance with the purposes specified in this privacy statement and guarantees that this personal information is completely protected. This privacy statement describes which personal information is collected and for which purpose, the use of cookies, and how you can exercise your rights with regard to your personal information.

Why is personal information collected?

Flamco collects and processes information about customers and visitors of this website for its operational management, to promote products and services that might be of interest to you, and to maintain visitor statistics of the website. If necessary, information that you have submitted can be used to contact you, for example, to inform you of changes in the functionality of the website or to offer you services of Flamco that you might appreciate (unless you have indicated that you are not interested in receiving offers by Flamco via digital communication). The way in which Flamco collects and uses personal information, on this website or elsewhere, is subject to the Dutch Data Protection Act (Dutch: WBP).

Statistics (passive provision)

Flamco can collect and analyse information that is related to visiting this website, such as the domain, the number of hits, which pages were visited, ***last and next websites that were visited***, and duration of the visit. Flamco uses this information to create statistics and to improve the website, for example. This information cannot be traced to a person and is only used internally.

Contact form (active provision)

If you fill in a contact form or a quotation form on the website or send us an e-mail, then the information that you send us is stored as long as necessary according to the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail to completely answer and deal with these. There is also the possibility of filling in a feedback form.

If the information that you filled in and submitted leads to correspondence and/or an agreement, Flamco will use the personal information submitted for this purpose and, if necessary, will pass on this information to third parties that are involved in the agreement.

We do not publish your customer data.

Disclosure to third parties

We explicitly do not disclose your data to third parties, other than is legally permitted.


Flamco can collect and analyse information (see section about 'Statistics') that is related to visiting this website, such as the domain, the number of hits, which pages were visited, ***last and next websites that were visited***, and duration of the visit. This information can be collected by means of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that contains information that our web server can obtain from your web browser. Our web server can only request permission to consult cookies related to information that was exchanged via the Internet between Flamco and yourself. Cookies – without any security-related information – can be stored on your computer in such a way that they can be read during your next visit to our website. You can permit the use of cookies and even prevent this by configuring your browser. If you prevent the use of cookies, the intended information will no longer be stored on your computer and the required information will be requested each time you visit our website, which you will have to submit again. The way in which you can configure cookie management depends on your web browser. Consult the manual of your current browser if you have any questions. For more information see our cookie statement.


We take security measures to limit misuse of personal information and to limit unauthorised access to personal information. We maintain statistics on our website, but this always occurs anonymously.

Websites published by others

This statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to this website by means of links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties treat you personal information in a reliable and secure manner. We recommend you read the privacy statements of these websites before using these websites. For exercising rights, please contact Flamco.

Amendments to this privacy statement

Flamco reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. Flamco advises you to regularly check this privacy statement to stay informed.

For questions about our privacy policy, questions regarding access to your personal information, and questions regarding changing or removal of your personal information, you can always contact us.

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