Lowers the risk of faults and saves installation time and costs

T-plus: Branching while the system continues to operate

The expansion, conversion or overhaul of existing systems often leads to problems. Normally, the system has to stop in order to make a branch. This is done to enable you to drain the system or to freeze the water in the pipelines. After all, you can't just make holes in pressurised pipelines with water flowing through them. However, bringing the production process to a standstill is time-consuming, costly and extemely inconvenient.

Branching while everything continues to operate:
Flamco provides a solution by introducing the innovative T-plus. This was especially designed to create perfect branches quickly and easily, while the system continues to operate. The T-plus saves installation time and costs and has a positive impact on the lifespan of the installation. Simply because the installation does not need to be drained and topped up again and the water does not need to be frozen.
This prevents fresh air and dirt in the system and that way, also faults.
Another advantage is the certainty of a perfect branch thanks to the smart trigger. Even where space is restricted. Moreover, the gasket ensures that there is an optimum seal so that there is zero chance of leakage.



Major advantages

  • Saves installation time and costs.
  • Branching while the system continues to operate.
  • No need to drain and therefore, prevents additional air and dirt in the system.
  • Always a perfect branch due to the trigger.
  • Easy to create a branch, even where space is restricted.
  • Optimal sealing in the pipeline.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.
  • Simple preparatory installation with click-in nuts (on models from 1½").


Efficient operation and easy installation

The trigger ensures perfection

The new trigger always ensures a perfect assembly everywhere. After the pin is removed, the charge ignites and the striking pin shoots straight forward. This makes a clean cut in the pipe, creating the branch. This makes it possible to make branches even where there is little available space. There is no longer a need for a hammer.

There is a plunger in the housing of the T-plus.

As soon as the pin is removed, the charge ignites.

Cutting the pipe open 
This builds up gas pressure that pushes the plunger and partially cuts open the pipe.

Stored pipe part 
The T-plus housing stores the cut-out piece of pipe, so it cannot get into the pipe.

That is how simple it is to install the T-plus

We always search for solutions that quickly provide an optimal result for installers and their clients. Due to thought-out research and extensive testing, we have achieved the most efficient solution in the market.
Using the T-plus, the installer only needs to carry out a few simple activities. The mechanism makes sure that a perfect branch is created.


Attach the T-plus to the pipe and secure with four bolts. Models from
1 ½" are supplied with click-in nuts; the bolt is clicked into the first part and then screwed tightly.

Tighten the bolts crossways. Note the tightening moment stated in the manual. Connect the branch. Make sure there is no water in the branch when the T-plus is activated.

Screw the trigger onto the T-plus. Position the ring in the most comfortable direction for you to pull (1). Cut through the seal (2).

Pull the pin (3). This makes a clean cut in the pipe, creating the branch. 

The Complete Range

Extensive product range
In order to supply the full spectrum, we have put together an extensive product range. Including variants for central heating, cooling, sanitary, fire-extinguishing and
solar installations up to versions for large industrial installations such as compressed air installations.

The T-plus is available for various pipe sizes. The patented technology is the same in all variants. Models from 1½" are supplied with click-in nuts for simple pre-installation. View the T-plus in the online catalogue.

Explainer videos

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