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The T-plus is an ideal product for the expansion, conversion or overhaul of an existing system. No longer is it necessary to isolate, drain, de-pressurise or freeze a pipe when an extra branch is required.

  • Saves installation time and costs.
  • Create branches while the system is still in operation.
  • Anti-corrosion coating

Flexcon PA

The Flamco Flexcon PA pressure assistant monitors pressurization of heating systems. The Flexcon PA periodically measures system pressure and stores the measurements in a logfile. In collaboration with the accompanying app it analyzes system functions, assisting the installer and end-user in the following (preventive) maintenance tasks:

  • Alert when problems occur. E.g. when the expansion vessel is close to failure, opening of safety valve and leak detection
  • Assist with, or control of, topping-up of the central heating system to the pre-set working pressure
  • Advise on replacing components

Flamcomat G3

The Flamcomat is a pump controlled expansion automat used for storage of expansion water, system deaeration and topping up for heating and cooling installations. The Flamcomat G3 is an evolutionary upgrade with the following highlights:

  • Compact design taking up less space in the boiler room
  • Extended possibilities in fail-safe mode and automatic changeover features
  • With connected mode for up to 4 automats in different rooms or levels
  • Easier and more versatile installation possibilities
  • Improved reliability

Vacumat Basic

The Vacumat Basic is a pressure step degasser for heating and cooling systems that makes use of vacuum deaeration for highly efficient deaeration of closed systems. Moreover, the Vacumat Basic ensures automatic topping up of the system after the top-up water has been deaerated.

  • Compact, simple and reliable design
  • Degassing through vortex technology
  • For systems up to 3 bar and with a system volume of 115m3